LE MET’ Park and Ride


LE MET’ 21_P+RPark and Ride

The LE MET’ Park and Ride makes access to the city centre easy!

Located in the immediate vicinity of a METTIS station, the Parkings-Relais facilitate access to the city centre and to any destinations within Metz metropolis.

Park your vehicle free of charge and take the LE MET’ public transport network to continue your journey.


P+R Rochambeau


P+R Woippy site

Foire Expo


To enter a P+R

Access to Park and Ride is free of charge.

Drive your vehicle up to the barrier and it will open automatically.

To exit a P+R

Return to your vehicle and drive toward the exit.

Simply present a transport ticket that has been validated on the same day at the exit terminal. You can exit at any time day or night


Do you own an electric car? The LE MET’ P+R have free charging stations!

Parkings-Relais and METTIS stations are equipped with automatic ticket machines from which you can purchase or top up your transport ticket.

The machines accept coin or credit card payments.


29_P+V Bicycle shelters

At each Park and Ride you will find bicycle shelters that are open 24/7. They are exclusively for customers of the LE MET’ network, holders of a valid transport ticket (1-2-10 journey ticket, monthly or annual subscriptions…)



Access is upon presentation at the entrance terminal to the secure bicycle shelter of your SimpliCitéS card or Contactless Ticket charged with a LE MET’ ticket. It is not necessary to validate your transport ticket to access the bike shelter.