Practical Advice

Travel in comfort



The driver can refuse access to a bus when the maximum number of passengers has been reached. The driver may refuse luggage or packages that may cause discomfort to other passengers during busy periods.


For safety reasons, strollers must be folded whenever possible. A child can travel sitting on an adult’s knees, if the person is able to take a seat.


Offer your seat to those who need it more: pregnant women, the elderly or people with reduced mobility…


Folding bicycles are allowed on board METTIS and all the buses on the LE MET’ network.



For safety reasons, access to METTIS and to buses is prohibited to people wearing roller skates.


With the exception of guide dogs for the blind, only small pets (dog or cat) that are not dangerous are accepted on board our vehicles.


Passengers may only board and get off at set stops.


It is prohibited to shout and to disturb other passengers through misuse of audio devices (portable players, MP3, mobile phone, radio, etc.).


Smoking, eating and spitting are strictly forbidden on the bus. Electronic cigarettes are prohibited in the same manner as cigarettes.


Rules of travel

You must be in possession of a valid and validated ticket to travel, whether you are a subscriber or an occasional passenger.

Please validate your ticket or your SimpliCitéS card each time you board and each time you change lines on the LE MET’ network. Should you forget to validate, you are committing an offence and risk being fined €32.

Your ticket or your SimpliCitéS card must remain in your possession until the end of your journey.
If you are unable to present your transport ticket to an inspector, you are committing an offence and risk being fined €48.